Your Questions about Paper Shredding Answered

What can a shredding company do that I can’t do on my own?

  Save Download Preview Magnifying glass with question mark in focus on wooden cube.A shredding company uses industrial-size shredders that are:

  • Quick. Home or office shredders are limited to small quantities of paper, shred at slow speeds, and are vulnerable to jams.
  • Secure. Shredding papers by tearing them up or using underpowered home shredders isn’t sufficient to make your information impossible to read or reconstruct afterwards. A NAID AAA Certified shredding company meets all compliance laws and adheres to the highest security standards in the industry.
  • Affordable. Calculate the cost of the machine itself, its upkeep, the time you will spend feeding papers into it, and the fact that your private information is still vulnerable to theft afterward, and you will realize that having a professional shredder take care of destroying your documents is much more affordable. With onsite mobile shredding, you will also save the time and travel costs to transport the documents.
  • Quieter and Safer. If a shredding company takes your documents to the parking lot or street to be shredded in with industrial-strength equipment in a specialized truck, you and your family or coworkers won’t have to constantly listen to the grinding of a shredder. The shredding company will also keep you, your family, or staff from any possible harm from a shredder. Each year, there are far too many shredder accidents involving harm to children, adults, and pets.
  • Environmentally Friendly. Your local waste management company is likely unable to recycle shredded paper from residential or small offices because the residential waste stream isn’t set up to handle it. A professional shredding company partners with a paper recycling company to pulp the shredded paper and turn it into quality recycled paper products.

Do I have to sign up for regular shredding?

You might be asking this because you are a resident or home office worker requiring infrequent shredding. Whatever your scenario, a local, reputable shredding company can help by offering drop-off shredding, one-time purge shredding, or residential service.

Where do I securely store documents until they are shredded?

Protecting the private information on discarded documents is a major concern, but where can they be safely kept between the time they are discarded and when they are shredded? A great shredding company will supply locked shredding collection containers that are easy to discard documents into, fit your office surroundings, and suit the amount of waste you produce. Unauthorized individuals will not be able to access discarded documents, and the containers will be emptied and the contents shredded right then and there by an experienced, trained, background-screened secure destruction technician. A schedule can be set up to match the size of your container(s) and the frequency of pickup you would like.

What kind of documents need shredding?

We sometimes assume that we can just dispose of any paper document into the recycling bin and it will be perfectly fine. But the truth is, those papers are identity thieves’ primary targets, and by not shredding them or merely tearing them up, you’ve made their task easy. Here is a list of items that should be shredded, but you may be overlooking:

  • Financial documents like credit card invoices and statements.
  • Old passports, driver licenses, and other forms of ID.
  • Envelopes and packaging with your delivery address that have been delivered from places like Amazon.
  • Marketing, advertising, credit card offers, and life insurance advertisements.
  • Magazines, junk mail, and circulars with any personal information attached.
  • Medicine bottle labels, prescriptions or related paperwork, and health insurance invoices or statements.

Implementing a “shred everything” policy will free you from the responsibility of having to decide what to shred or accidentally tossing something with confidential information.

What if I have other questions about shredding?

If you have additional questions about shredding or want to book service, Apex Shredding is here to help. We offer NAID AAA Certified, secure onsite mobile shredding and drop-off shredding services to businesses and residents throughout Northern Colorado. We’re just a call away at 907-532-5007, or you can complete the form on this page and we’ll get in touch right away.

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