How to Choose a Local Shredding Company

Use a Local Company

From three emoji options, a person's hand is reaching out and selecting a smiley face emoji.An important aspect of deciding about a service provider for your company is the decision to use a local vendor. When you choose to use a local business, you increase the benefits to your business in numerous ways:

  1. Local businesses benefit from strong community support, and their owners tend to be more engaged in the community themselves. Local businesses donate 250% more than large businesses to local nonprofits and community causes like charities, youth organizations, first responders and service groups.
  2. It is likely that local businesses are shopping at other local businesses as well, fueling the local economy even more and reducing their carbon footprint by reducing transportation use.
  3. Local businesses typically hire employees from the local community, keeping your friends, family members and neighbors employed. According to the Small Business Administration, the US has 30.7 million small businesses that accounted for 1.8 million new jobs in 2019.
  4. Your business has a greater potential for being known and recommended when you work with other local businesses.

Identify a Shredding Company that Provides the Services You Need

There is more to finding the right shredding company for your business than simply asking, “Are they low-cost and are they good?” When it comes to cost, you certainly want good value for what you are spending, but more importantly, you need to ensure you are getting services that will be beneficial to your unique business. Many shredding companies are good; you want one that is well aligned with your business needs. Here are some things to consider when looking for a local shredding company to serve your business:

  1. Is mobile onsite shredding valuable to you? When you select a provider with equipment to shred your confidential information on your premises, your sensitive documents will be handled by fewer people than if those documents were sent to an offsite location for destruction. It also offers you the opportunity to witness the destruction process before your documents leave your place of business.
  2. Is compliance important to your business? A professional shredding company will employ trained and knowledgeable staff who are up to date with current state and federal privacy regulations that pertain to your business.
  3. When you choose to partner with a NAID AAA Certified company, you can be confident that your sensitive information will be securely handled from the time your documents are removed from your work place to when they are completely destroyed. NAID AAA Certification is the highest standard for information security and requires shredding companies to follow strict rules, policies, and procedures and to complete thorough background checks on all employees. Not all shredding companies are NAID AAA Certified, so be sure to check for this valuable quality.
  4. Do you have more than just paper to shred? Some document shredding companies also have the equipment to properly destroy hard drives and electronics. When you use the same shredding company for all your destruction needs, you’ll eliminate the time and effort of searching for yet another vendor.
  5. Do you need shredding collection containers to securely store your discarded documents until they are collected for destruction? Secure containers lower the security risk of your sensitive documents falling into the wrong hands while waiting for collection.
  6. Do they provide a Certificate of Destruction? A Certificate of Destruction is a vital document that is provided upon completion of a shredding job. It provides proof that the destruction process was completed in accordance with state and federal privacy laws.
  7. Is your business environmentally friendly? Look for a shredding company that recycles 100% of the shredded material from your documents, drives and electronics.

Apex Shredding offers professional shredding of paper, hard drives and electronics to businesses and residents in Northern Colorado. We are a NAID AAA Certified mobile shredding company that will provide shredding collection containers that are picked up and replaced at your convenience. Call us at 907-532-5007 or complete the form on this page so we can serve you with local and professional shredding services.

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