On-site shredding is the most secure information destruction method available today.
With Apex Shredding Inc. the entire process from collection of documents to destruction can be witnessed right outside your door.

Off-site shredding services have two inherent risks.
This first risk is what is often called the “transport risk”. Your documents leave your location intact and readable. If you can imagine a truck in the news with its contents spilled across a highway just try to picture the contents being your sensitive information. The second risk of off-site shredding is in the process once the truck arrives at the plant. Off-site companies rely upon hand-sorting your documents based on paper grade to maximize revenue captured from recycling. This allows for a potentially serious security breach.

On-site shredding eliminates both of these risks.
We wheel your locked container out to our shredding truck, where it is raised and automatically fed into the shredding system. Our automated feeding system allows for “hands-off” document destruction thereby ensuring complete confidentiality. You can also witness the destruction of your documents through our truck’s internal cameras.

Office shredders leave you and your company open for security violations.

  • Discarded shreds only tell the bad guys what to take.
  • Employees don’t use shredders often enough.
  • Shredding yourself provides no record of compliance.
  • Employees should not handle some sensitive information.
  • Office shredders break down.
  • Office shredders cannot handle large purges.
  • Office shredders can’t handle some materials like tapes, CDs, x-rays, blueprints, etc.

The only way that using your own office shredder is less expensive is if you don’t use it. It is far more secure, economical and convenient to collect these materials in a security container than for an office shredder to try and keep up with it.

Why Shred?

This list includes:

  • Account Data
  • Bank Checks
  • Blueprints
  • Production Reports
  • Estimates
  • Signatures
  • Patient Information
  • Education Records
  • Memos
  • Engineering Plans
  • Notes
  • Phone Logs
  • Shipping Data
  • Visitor Logs
  • Misaligned Copies
  • Tax Returns
  • Medical Records
  • All junk mail

Yes. One of the benefits of using our on-site service is the fact that you can watch the entire destruction process via our internal cameras.

It is recycled. We are proud to do our part to help businesses meet the standards of green business practices.

Regularly scheduled service is priced based on the size and number of carts or consoles at your location plus the frequency of service. Our lockable carts or consoles are left on your premises, at no charge, for the collection of your sensitive information. Apex Shredding returns on a pre-determined schedule to shred the contents on-site. You may set your frequency from weekly to once every twelve weeks. At each service you are presented a Certificate of Destruction indicating that your information was destroyed on that specific date and that it can not be reconstructed. Please call or e-mail us for your specific service quote.

One-time purge service is priced per cart load of material destroyed. We bring an empty cart with us on your scheduled shredding day. We transfer all of your gathered items to our container for destruction. All destruction takes place on site. A Certificate of Destruction is provided upon completion of the service.

You may call us at 970-532-5007, toll-free at 888-532-5007, or complete the form on this page. We are happy to provide a quote for a service with no obligation.

We offer service for any shredding need from one box to one thousand. We partner with local non-profit organizations to offer public shredding events to provide those with just a few boxes to shred with a chance to donate their shredding fee to those in need while protecting themselves from ID Theft. Please check our Events Calendar for our upcoming shredding events.

It is part of our service form. It verifies that Apex Shredding Inc. destroyed your information on a specific date and that the contents can not be reconstructed and will be recycled. It is your way to provide an essential external auditing piece that shows your due diligence in protecting your company information. It is signed by Apex and the customer at the time of service. We present you with a copy of this document upon completion of service before leaving your premises.

Yes. We will bring our mobile information destruction truck to your home. This is perfect for the purging of your personal records.

You do not need to remove or sort your material to be shredded. The shredder can tear it all. We will, however, remove contents from three-ring binders as we load the material into the carts for destruction.

We have a service agreement that outlines the size and number of lockable containers, the frequency of service and the rate quoted. This agreement gives your company the perimeters of our service. You will know what we will be doing for you and when we’ll be doing it. Your satisfaction with our service is our goal.

We accept cash, checks and VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

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